Happy Munching: One Wholegrain Bite At A Time

By Namita Shibad
Hindustan Times, New Delhi

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Reema Sathe is the founder of “Root Bakery.” Sathe says she wanted to build a brand and a product which would be made by rural women. Her goal is to help create female entrepreneurs, jobs and increase their incomes.

Hindustan Times, New Delhi

It is easy to complain about the plight of the environment, food, farmers, but doing something to change the situation is a whole new ball game.

Reema Sathe was working with an MNC when she understood the problem with food. “Most working people have very little time to grab something healthy while at work. Due to time constraints and easy availability of unhealthy snacks, people prefer going down that way. I wanted to change that.”

After working with BAIF, Chetna Organics and Chaitanya foundation she did a small survey. “After researching the same, I asked people from various categories about their food lifestyle gaps, how they felt about getting snacks made from traditional grains and realized that all young urbanites were looking for healthy food which is ready-to-eat.”

Sathe wanted to pick something that’s easy to train rural women in and hence, zeroed in on bakery products. She was told about a Facebook group called Home Bakers of Pune and she posted her concept on it. “I wanted to provide, healthy food choices to people but also make sure that our business was inclusive of rural women and the farmers grew traditional grains flourished.”

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