Ivanka Trump: The Most Popular Member Of The Family?

By Lesley Clark
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) While Donald Trump brawls on the campaign trail, lambastes his critics as “pathetic” and engages in Twitter fights, his daughter Ivanka soothes nerves. So much so, many suggest Ivanka Trump is the GOP’s secret weapon in this unique (that’s an understatement) race to the White House.


Donald Trump thinks she would make a fine vice president. One conservative cites her as one of the reasons to vote for Trump.­

Ivanka Trump, 34, wife, mother of three, fashion entrepreneur, advocate for women’s empowerment and an executive vice president in her father’s real estate empire, has eschewed an official role in his campaign.

But she’s a critical adviser and perhaps the unorthodox campaigner’s most important surrogate, especially with his wife, Melania, seemingly more comfortable on the sidelines. It will be Ivanka who introduces her father to the nation Thursday as he delivers what could be the most important speech yet of his unconventional campaign.

“I’m terrified, I am excited, I am honored,” she told ABC about her appearance before the Republican National Convention, the stakes raised by revelations that Melania Trump’s speech on Monday contained excerpts similar to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech introducing her husband.

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