Lovett’s Soul Food’s Legacy Living Large

By Jill Moon
The Telegraph, Alton, Ill.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A longtime Alton restaurant is receiving support through Deluxe Corp.’s “Small Business Revolution” program. Lovett’s Soul Food will debut its new logo and remodeled restaurant to the world when the third season of “Small Business Revolution — Main Street” gives a sneak peek at its wrap party.


A whole new world opened for the Lovett family when Deluxe Corporation selected the family’s namesake restaurant as one of its chosen six businesses to receive expertise and funding for improvements and re-branding.

Owners Merry Ann Lovett, and her son, Brad Chavours, mentioned renovation and expansion as goals for Lovett’s Snoots, Fish, Chicken & More almost exactly one year ago to The Telegraph, when the Deluxe Corp.’s Small Business Revolution concept was yet unknown to #OurAlton.

Now, Lovett and Chavours’ business is re-named Lovett’s Soul Food since the “Revolution” began.

The streaming reality show “Small Business Revolution — Main Street” began its on-site filming in Alton in April, first with Lovett’s Snoots, Fish, Chicken & More, at 2512 College Ave. in Upper Alton, before the soul food restaurant debuted its new name, which is the name that now appears online and social media for the business.

“It’s really exciting. It really feels great to have someone who wants to make your dreams come true,” Lovett said recently to The Telegraph.

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