Saudi Designer Launches Jewelry Collection In UAE

Arab News, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Nadine Attar was a banker for eight-years before she decided to move forward with her passion for jewelry making. She was encouraged to create and design after friends and family urged her to pursue her passion for design.

Saudi Arabia

Nadine Attar of Nadine Jewellery recently launched her debut collection in the home of celebrity TV personality, Ola Al-Fares.

The launch was a private sahoor with a star-studded guest list, consisting of TV presenters and personalities, such as Mahira Abdelaziz, Hind Boumchamar, Nicole Tannoury, and Sara Murad, as well as guests from Saudi Arabia who flew in for the occasion.

“Nadine Jewellery stands strong behind quality and creativity, manufacturing in Italy, the home of art and class.

The brand’s inspiration stems from nature, spirituality and culture, with an aim to craft artistic pieces that reflect luxury and elegance, passed on from generations to come,” the brand said in a statement.

“We personalize from our collection and create custom pieces that speak to individuals. We believe in celebrating individuality, and for that reason our creations are distinctive items that can be used in several ways, allowing us to become part of legacy,” said Attar, the designer behind her eponymous brand, Nadine Jewellery.

The once banker of eight-years decided to move toward her passion in jewelry making and design after friends and family encouraged her to pursue her passion professionally. The Saudi designer exudes a classical yet contemporary vibe that translates into the quality and beauty of her masterpieces.

“When I met Nadine, I found in her a young woman full of energy, positivity and class. It’s a pleasure for me to be supporting her because she’s a true talent that reflects the ambition in all Arab women,” said Ola Al-Fares during her speech before unveiling Attar’s collection.

Nadine Jewellery was a center of attraction across the red carpets of Cannes Film Festival earlier this month after being seen on Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, film director Maram Taibah, and Al-Fares.

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