Meet The Tech Startups Headling Flashstarts 2019 Demo Day

By Mary Kilpatrick

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) From a startup that helps brides connect with vendors to an app that uses data analytics to find hidden energy savings, the next generation of Cleveland companies are ready to make their pitch.


Cleveland labor attorney Julie Sumner created an app for construction workers to upload photos and documents from a job site, to protect a firm from lawsuits.

Akron marketer Marlon Stevenson created a social app to give people a fun, easy social way to ask and sound off on questions anonymously. The company makes money by turning those responses into anonymous, generic market research for companies looking for insight into how groups of people feel about a specific question.

The ideas are among seven to be showcased Thursday at the 2019 Flashstarts Accelerator Cleveland Demo Day. The graduates of the 11-week program run by the Cleveland venture capital firm FlashStarts will pitch their companies to investors.

Flashstarts is a Cleveland-based micro-venture capitol firm and accelerator that aims to help build the next generation of Cleveland companies.

These companies’ focuses vary widely: one helps brides connect to vendors. Another uses analytics and machine learning to find energy savings.

But Flashstarts gave all the startups advice and direction to grow their companies.

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