Spurgeon Veggies Owner Finds Calling In Business

Soon, the amount of products offered by Spurgeon Veggies may increase even more.

Spurgeon and John bought a second farm last month, and they plan to shift their primary operations to the new farm over the next couple of years.

“I’ll be opening a roadside farm stand there — next spring if all goes as planned — where we’ll have veggies and other local farm products for sale all week long,” Spurgeon said. “I have tons of space there, so I’m planning lots of new expansions.”

Spurgeon and Eloise work full time on the farm with two part-time seasonal employees and assistance from John and Spurgeon’s father-in-law. Spurgeon recently took a break to talk with The Register-Mail about the operation of Spurgeon Veggies, and why she enjoys providing locally-grown produce to others.

Register-Mail: What is your favorite vegetable to grow and eat, and why?

DS: Head lettuces are probably one of my favorites to grow. Every single year, we manage to produce hundreds and hundreds of multicolored, beautiful, perfect heads that get their pictures taken way too many times.

They’re easy to germinate, easy to transplant, they’re forgiving if the soil isn’t great and, best of all, they’re easy to harvest! One cut and they’re ready to go. They’re definitely the best in the springtime, when they can put on most of their growth in the cool weather and spring rains. Lettuce doesn’t hold up well to the heat of the summer.

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