Helpware: PaintShop Is A Worthy Competitor To Photoshop

By Harold Glicken
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Harold Glicken reviews “PaintShop,” “a powerful photo-editing program that just might give folks who can’t afford Photoshop a reason to save some money without sacrificing features they didn’t know existed.”

Tribune News Service

Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard professional photographers use for photo-editing.

For the rest of us, there’s Corel PaintShop Pro. It does most of the tasks Photoshop does and costs less, and the 2018 version is a game-changer.

For photo-editing beginners who use the basic Essentials Mode, there are the familiar cropping, text and erase tools.

In the more-advanced Complete Mode, photos can be enhanced, layers can be added and colors can be changed.

When the Text icon is selected, a set of features including font, size and styles appears. Other icons, which have been enlarged in the faster-loading 2018 version, work the same way, but it’s hardly PaintShop for dummies.

For many shooters, the Essentials features will keep them out of trouble. By trouble, I mean it would be difficult in Essentials Mode to add butterflies to a photo of flowers, which is something journalists are forbidden to do.

Still, that kind of effect is available in Complete Mode. The two choices of complexity are like the three levels of expertise choices in Photoshop Elements, the simpler version of Photoshop.

Your creative other self will soar when you start using the huge array of features in the Complete Mode. Skin tones can be changed, backgrounds can be lightened or darkened, unwanted parts of the photo can be made to disappear, wrinkles around eyes magically go away, textures and layers can be added, and more.

Don’t like the background color and shade of a nature shot? Just choose a color from an array of palettes such has “muted greenery.” Want to have some fun? Add or delete a person’s hair. Give him a Pinocchio nose, too. The cigarette must go. Done in a flash. Restoring old photos is much simpler than in earlier versions.

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